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Choice Tax Relief was founded by Logan Allec, CPA to provide honest, upfront, and transparent tax resolution strategies to those who have found themselves owing taxes to the IRS or their state.

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Every week, our founder, Logan Allec, CPA, publishes new educational tax relief videos on his YouTube channel to show you how to beat the IRS and get your life back on track.

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Our Process

step 1

Free Consultation

Call 866-8000-TAX or schedule a time slot here to book your free tax relief consultation! On this call, we will learn more about your situation and discuss possible paths forward to resolve your tax debt.

step 2

Investigation and Analysis

If it sounds like tax resolution is possible for you, at the end of the free consultation we will give you the opportunity to have our team conduct an investigation and analysis. As part of this process, you will also be sent a financial questionnaire to complete. We will use this information to present to you, on another phone call, a plan of resolution along with relevant fee quotes.

step 3

Tax Resolution

The last step involves your tax professional actually resolving your tax debt with the IRS and/or your state government. As clients' situations range from requiring relatively simple and straightforward resolutions to requiring extremely complex resolutions involving multiple layers of analysis and correspondence with the IRS and/or state, there is a wide range of turnaround times and fees.

Why Choose Us

Commitment to Transparency

We're a small team of CPAs, EAs, and other professionals. We will answer all of your questions about your tax situation in a transparent manner.

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Commitment to Education

We believe that Americans who find themselves in tax debt deserve to know exactly how the tax resolution process works. That's why we create the best tax content on our blog as well as on our founder's YouTube channel and social media pages. This educational content is viewed by thousands of people daily — for free!

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Commitment to Integrity

We perform a thorough investigation of each client's situation and present to them the solution that makes the most sense for them. We never sell services to our clients that they don't need.

Free Consultation

Who We Are

Unlike many other tax relief firms, we are honest and upfront about what tax relief programs you likely qualify for.

We will not entice you with promises of having your tax debt forgiven unless you are actually likely to qualify for such a program.

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