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Choice Tax Relief was founded by Logan Allec, CPA.  Call 866-8000-TAX to sign up for a FREE consultation to learn about your tax relief options.

Logan Allec, CPA

Founder and Owner

Logan Allec has been serving taxpayers as a CPA for nearly 12 years. After leaving his role at a "Big 4" firm, he started Choice Tax Relief to help everyday Americans who have found themselves behind on their taxes. He also educates thousands of people daily about tax relief on his YouTube channel. In addition to his CPA license, Logan also has a Master's Degree in Taxation from the University of Southern California (USC). He lives with his wife and children in the Los Angeles area. Learn more about Logan here.

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Peter Salinger, EA

Ex-IRS Revenue Officer

Peter spent over 33 years with the IRS — 15 years in collection as a revenue officer and a revenue officer manager and 18 years as an appeals settlement officer. Aside from collection due process and trust fund recovery penalty cases, Peter's main inventory was rejected offers in compromise. Peter also managed an offer in compromise group at the IRS.

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Daniel Alvarado, EA

Senior Enrolled Agent

Daniel has over a decade's worth of experience in tax relief, resolution, and compliance. He cut his teeth working for the large 1-800 tax relief shops headquartered in the Southern California area, eventually becoming the resolution department manager at one of the largest tax resolution companies in the country. He has handled extremely complex tax resolution cases, including cases involving CSED limitations, innocent / injured spouse liabilities, corporate tax negotiations, employment tax, trust fund penalty assessment, separate assessment liabilities, civil penalties, and even tax protestors.

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Steven Ching, J.D.


Steve Ching, J.D., is a practicing tax attorney and also has several years of experience at national accounting firms. Steve is passionate about writing and helping people understand and resolve their tax issues.

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Sarita Jain, EA

Enrolled Agent

Sarita is an IRS enrolled agent with over five years of tax compliance and resolution experience.

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